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HackSC 2021

As Head Engineer, I build and direct my team to create an animation-based, responsive static website to drive interest and market HackSC 2021.

CME Group 2020

Worked on Platform Engineering (DevOps) to migrate legacy docker images from docker swarm to Kubernetes. Built a Groovy/Java Framework to create application repositories flushed with webhooks to trigger Jenkins Pipelines. The Framework automated the process of deploying an app into Kubernetes. Also, created a Groovy Framework to lint and validate Dockerfiles on the opening of a pull request.

HackSC 2020

As a member of the engineering team, I built the HackSC static landing page as well as lay the infrastructure for the fullstack Node.js, Express, MySQL, Next.js application to provide a dashboard for hackers, judges, sponsors, volunteers, and admin.

District 2 Capital Fund, LP

Developed investment fund’s web dashboard using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js to screen, retrieve, and collect SEC filing data of public companies of interest. I also built D2C's static website at https://district2capital.com

Spatial Computing Lab

Undergraduate research researching traffic analytics and developing a web dashboard for real-time visualization under Professor Yao-Yi Chiang.